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Inovex Customer Care

Whether you are a professional coatings/paint/ink manufacturer or a blend application specialist or a printing specialist – Inovex has it all covered and supports you through every stage of specialised blend solution; from inception of the first idea, design and development, through to final testing, commissioning and in service support. Through working partnerships with its customers, Inovex have evolved into one of the most successful blend specialists in the world. If you are entirely new to our system, you just became a member of this closely-knit community of professionals.

Annual Systems Support

Inovex offers annual Systems Support Contracts to provide remote and diagnostic support. You know that your support needs will be met by Inovex experts quickly with our commitment of first response within 24 hours.

One Systems Support Contract covers you for all your Inovex support needs, even you have different systems in different countries run by different teams. Under Systems Support Contract, you can lodge support issues for machine and software including general troubleshooting, fault diagnostics, software guidance and etc. You will be given access to Inovex Support portal to raise your support requests and to track your requests.

Scheduled Maintenance

Available in 1 to 5 years plan, you could ensure that your system is in the highest level of preventative maintenance care. By choosing the Scheduled Maintenance Contract, the Inovex experts will come to your site and carry out the scheduled maintenance to address the needs of the machines.

You are guaranteed:

  • Maintenance services performed to Inovex specifications

  • Parts and labour inclusive

  • Latest knowledge and insight on your system

  • Additional indicators or parts that shall be addressed


Sometimes emergency support is required to resolve an issue either on site or remotely. Remote support & guidance is covered by Annual Systems Support Contract or Scheduled Maintenance Contract. On site support is provided at a daily rate.